SEO Tips From Semalt For Large Companies And Corporations

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The development of a company is associated with increasing costs, for example, SEO and positioning, as the need to involve more people in specific processes often increases. However, everything depends on the organization of the company.

Of course, there is never a single measure that indicates confidence in business success and positive SEO results. One company is never equal to another and often a specific marketing strategy can bring a great effect to one place, while for the competition, the same schemes will bring nothing at all. 

Does SEO differ with the size of the company? As a general rule, any marketing strategy doesn't make much difference when it comes to whether a company is small or large. Nevertheless, the issue is much more complex and it is most often about the intensity of individual activities while performing audits and tasks under the regulations.

Let's see in this article what the SEO processes should look like regarding large companies and corporations.

Business SEO - What problems can be encountered in large businesses?

Large business owners face the same issues as their small business counterparts every day, but on a much larger scale, and the same is true for SEO. From a business perspective, creating an appropriate strategy and implementing it can be a much bigger challenge than in small or medium-sized businesses. And this is not only associated with higher costs.

Difficulty in getting organized

Large companies are most often a collection of different departments of employees, divided into individual teams, which are needed to properly execute all the processes that make up a given company. Barriers in the flow of information, for example, can be noticed here. Some of the processes, including SEO, require the implementation of programs by people from various areas and fields of the business - marketers, IT specialists, CFOs, and management personnel. In order to carry out the activities, it is necessary to link several groups at the same time, which already poses some organizational risks, as the day-to-day work in the individual cells differs considerably and each area has a different scope of tasks and internal priorities.

Difficulty in making decisions

When it comes to SEO, marketing department employees may be the most knowledgeable, but they usually don't have decision-making authority in companies. Therefore, they need approval from higher authorities, such as a manager or business director, having to convince them to first have specific ideas and then translate them into appropriate investment decisions. It is not an easy task to convince your boss to do things he or she has absolutely no idea about.

Technical Barriers

It may seem impossible, but in large companies, organizations and corporations, you may encounter, despite considerable growth, technological problems. In many cases, companies decide to use their own CRM systems for customer service or database management. Such individual systems are created by external organizations based on a license, which often makes it difficult to make changes and corrections in the area of SEO. There are also situations where these extended CRM mechanisms are not fully adapted to all technical problems available in the administration panel.

How to plan an SEO strategy in a company?

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First of all, you need to have a good plan. To create a strategy, you need to be aware of the shortcomings so far, i.e. what needs to be changed or improved. This type of information is found in an SEO audit. That is, each action is preceded by a preliminary or in-depth analysis of the site. This allows us to know the current state of the client's website, its structure, and its history. We pay special attention to errors and published content. In many cases, the underlying problem is poor information architecture and a lack of internal links. Even seemingly simple issues determine the improvement of the website's visibility in Google search results. To achieve this audit you need a powerful SEO tool that will save you time and give you real information.

What tool should I use to perform such an SEO audit?

The Dedicated SEO Dashboard is a complete website analysis application in terms of SEO. It is much more used in large companies due to its ability to perform several tasks in a short time. With its help, you can perform complete website analysis. Everything from technical audit and speed control to plagiarism checks is now available on the same platform.

Moreover, you can measure the potential of key phrases, website traffic, or backlinks performance. Like other applications, it also provides standard monitoring of your website's keywords as well as those of your competitors.

The advantage of the Dedicated SEO Dashboard is that it returns results within seconds of entering the website address to be checked. The information we receive is very detailed and it is provided in a very readable form.

With this SEO tool, you receive information about the elements that need to be improved; for example, headers or metascripts, as well as the website's errors in terms of SEO. You will even be able to save the audit results in PDF format.

The Dedicated SEO Dashboard has several other very useful features for large companies that I invite you to discover on

Regular analysis of the website

The website, like a car, needs regular technical check-ups. You can't rely on a website audit at the beginning of the optimization and implement patches and abandon the subject. The analysis of your website protects your business from unexpected failures or interruptions in operation. Errors can appear at any time, even accidentally, and if the website is not functioning properly, it will not be at the top of the results in the future. 

We are also aware that large companies usually also have very complex websites, combined with numerous advertising campaigns and extensive social media activities. These are difficult areas to master 100%, so it is worthwhile to entrust the SEO care to an external agency in the field of SEO. Our company, which takes care of the websites of individual clients, tries to examine and analyze the functioning of all systems daily. We check whether the mechanisms of the website are working properly.

Business focus rather than statistics

As in marketing, in SEO we deal with many metrics and statistics that are welcomed by marketers. Many things can be translated and analyzed in terms of numbers and percentages that would translate into overall success. 

However, it is important to remember that not all numbers and graphs show us a specific business objective, so you cannot judge actions solely based on, for example, impressions, if they do not translate into customer growth and sales of your products or services. Much of this data helps us refine our marketing processes so that the company's development is visible in the most important graph.

Always say - content is king

This famous quote is present in optimization and positioning. Every company's website should be based on the regular publication of valuable content. Publishing articles is very important to attract new users and potential customers to your website. Again, keep in mind that an article - which is of high quality - will not maintain this level for several years without any changes. 

You must always improve or add something and reach the users in a renewed style, especially since this aspect is closely monitored by search engine robots, presenting users with the most up-to-date content. Marketers of large companies and corporations must be convinced that they are presenting the most recent data, sights, and guides on the company's website, which are of commercial benefit.

Worthless subpages go to the trash

Complex corporate websites are very likely to have at least some of their subpages completely useless, or even worse - they appear on several different domains of the company. Large website structures are difficult to control and can be a significant burden. 

These structures should therefore be simplified as much as possible, without forgetting to add a specific section in the form of a blog, of course. We are talking about URLs with outdated marketing messages or duplicate content. Organic marketing is more profitable for many companies than, for example, investing in TV advertising.

Marketers often take the wrong approach and want to cut corners - supposedly more effectively - by buying paid ads in Google Ads, which are then not optimized for their needs and do not bring the desired results. The same applies to outsourcing articles to inexperienced employees.

What happens then? The lack of results discourages business owners from using Internet marketing and resources are spent on traditional advertising campaigns, which are often much more expensive and, in addition, do not reach the desired customer groups. It should be remembered that the universal availability of the Internet and audiovisual devices does not immediately mean that everyone will be able to function properly on the Web, in Internet marketing, creating effective film materials for it, even if every phone already has a nice camera and camcorder. It doesn't work that way.

Positioning and SEO in large companies - what to remember?

For a large group of companies and corporations, it will be much better to enter into cooperation with an SEO agency than to sacrifice its production capacity and burden inexperienced employees in this field. It is easy to make a mistake in Internet marketing and it is difficult to fix it. 

Often, entrepreneurs entrust, for example, the positioning to their marketers, unknowingly creating many obstacles along the way, because of which they can not grow, and especially lose time. Ultimately, processes that are unknown to them are outsourced to external experts, i.e. they decide on so-called SEO outsourcing.